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Tyne to Tweed


The definitive guide to the North East of England, from the River Tyne to the River Tweed

Let’s start exploring!

Lakes and Cumbria Today guide
The guide is designed to be easy to pack in the car, carry in a backpack or tuck into a jacket pocket
Section one is laid out in themes while section two breaks down the adventures by geographic areas
You can purchase a 220-page printed glossy magazine or a downloadable PDF version of the guide from the website

The region's definitive visitor guide

Tyne to Tweed is the North East’s comprehensive guide to all there is to do and see in this magnificent part of the UK. Available throughout the region, it’s filled with things to do and places to visit, from natural wonders to wet weather days out, outdoor adventures to five-star dining – all presented in one handy guide priced just £3.75.

"Bought a copy of Tyne to Tweed from Hedleys in Newburn and I love it. Wish I had bought it sooner as it would have come in handy taking the grandkids out. It’s so handy having just one book to carry around instead of loads of leaflets. Brilliant. Thank you x"
Steven Graham

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How big is the guide?
The guide is 220 pages. Its physical size is 14.8cm x 21.5 cm x 1 cm
Should I buy a printed or digital version?
The digital (PDF) version of the guide is great for those who want to plan an itinerary before visiting the North East. The printed version is useful while you are there - for quick reference and on-the-spot planning
Where can I buy a copy?
4,000 copies will be available FREE of CHARGE via our partner hotels located across the Tyne to Tweed area. An additional 6,000 copies will be on sale at newsagents, book shops, retailers, attractions and service stations across our region. A digital option can also be purchased from our website.
How long does delivery take?
You should receive your order within seven working days of your purchase - though this can be faster depending on Royal Mail turnaround times. If you would like further information or to enquire about a delivery please email tynetotweed@offstonepublishing.co.uk
How do I advertise in the next edition?
Please call Offstone Publishing on 01661 844 115 or email sales@tynetotweed.co.uk, where a member of our team will be happy to discuss the range of opportunities with you

Explorers with this guide in their hands are sure to make the most of their visit to the North East – whether they’re returning for their annual family trip or making their first visit