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The definitive guide to the North East of England, from the River Tyne to the River Tweed

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Launched in April 2018 by Offstone Publishing, Tyne to Tweed is the visitor guide for Northumberland, North Tyneside, Newcastle and surrounding areas. The 240-page guide is packed with ideas for things to do and days out – from walking in the stunning Northumberland National Park to guides for water sports, cycling, Roman landmarks, where to eat, events to pop along to, and much more. There are also profiles on towns and villages from the River Tyne to the River Tweed, hundreds of family-friendly activities and chances to win a trips back to the region – all for £3.75!

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Tyne to Tweed

Tyne to Tweed provides visitors to the region with a source of enjoyable, well written and attractively presented long-life information in one place.

Easy to pack away in the car, carry in a backpack or tuck into a jacket pocket, the guide has been a source of information and inspiration for thousands of visitors to the North East.

Meanwhile, the digital (PDF) version of the guide is a great option for those looking to plan a visit and keep a copy saved on their tablet or smartphone as a searchable reference.

Advertising with Tyne to Tweed

Our NEW visitor guide includes hundreds of ideas to inspire readers to get the most out of the region. All contained in an easy to follow format with detailed information on six key areas – North Northumberland, South East Northumberland, North Tyneside, Newcastle, West Northumberland and South of the Tyne.

The guide is read by tourists and visitors to the region looking to connect with local businesses, services and attractions
Excellent advertising value and flexible approach
10,000 copies printed and distributed
4,000 bedroom browser copies available for guests of hotels and B&Bs
Target specific visitors with an advert placed in your geographic area in the guide
Additional online listings for all advertisers
Advertising options available to suit any budget and size of business


Where can I buy the guide?

4,000 copies will be available FREE of CHARGE via our partner hotels located across the Tyne to Tweed area. An additional 6,000 copies will be on sale at newsagents, book shops, retailers, attractions and service stations across our region. A digital option can also be purchased from our website.

How do I advertise with Tyne to Tweed?

Please call Offstone Publishing on 01661 844 115 or email sales@tynetotweed.co.uk, where a member of our team will be happy to discuss the range of opportunities with you

Can my business/attraction sell copies of the guide?

Yes, we would be delighted to provide you some copies to sell within your establishment. Please call Offstone Publishing on 01661 844 115 or email sales@tynetotweed.co.uk, where a member of our team will be happy to discuss this with you

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    "Very informative and useful guide when looking for somewhere to visit in the region."
    Tom Green

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    Explorers with this guide in their hands are sure to make the most of their visit to the North East – whether they’re returning for their annual family trip or making their first visit